If Walls Could Talk – The Sullivan Estate

The Sullivan Estate used to be the private escape and secluded residence of famed musicians such as Bono, Lionel Ritchie and the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Today, the remarkable ocean-view complex is the home and spa retreat of Dr. Jurgen Kiein: a biochemist, a world-renowned wellness therapist, and founder of skin-care brands JK7 and Jurlique.

As a collection of structures spanning five acres, the Sullivan Estate sits atop and overlooks 15 miles of Oahu coastline. The different accommodations are used for varying purposes, from housing guests, therapists and staff to holding wellness amenities and acting as a spa facility. The sweeping, ever-green grounds pour down towards the sea below where Waimea Bay and the mountains of West Oahu lie in wait, capturing the imagination. Nestled in a remote part of the island, the Sullivan Estate is within close reach of the North Shore’s celebrated surf breaks, fittingly known as the Seven Mile Miracle.

What adds to the Sullivan Estate’s novelty is its willingness and ability to adapt. Pools, walkways and private enclosures connect the different sections; its reason for being can easily oscillate between a spa to a residence to a facility of any kind and it is completely out of the public eye, away from the spotlight, comfortably off grid. It comprises a world within itself; a world that can be repurposed to be whatever its resident requires.

As it stands today, the Sullivan Estate features six bedrooms and four baths. With interior space of more than 5,000 sq. ft., terraces that wrap around the façade, outdoor spaces immersed in private foliage, fireplaces, a private pool, 3-car garage, and views of the commanding mountain ranges and expansive ocean, it’s no wonder that the estate has been home to celebrated artists over the years. It is where imagination is allowed to run free and undisturbed.

The Sullivan Estate has been reimagined as a wellness retreat, but its purpose has remained the same: it was and still is a place where you get away from it all while staying connected to everything the island has to offer. 

If the walls of the Sullivan Estate could talk, imagine the stories they would tell.