Patio Décor Ideas

From picking the right theme and aesthetic to integrating it cohesively into the particularities of your space. Large or small? Pool or trees? Either way, our guide has you covered. With styles that range from a limestone village somewhere in the rural countryside to postmodern syzygy, these patio décor ideas give you the gift of choice.


The Morning Patio

Twilight is breaking and the birds wake up from slumber and start to sing. It is for these mornings that you need a patio to match the sentiment. French café chairs, a cobbled floor, and a stone table.


The Evening Patio

For dinner or drinks, you need a place to equal the stillness that night brings. An evening patio should resemble a dark-wood amphitheatre: with warm tones, soft lights, and comforting seats.


Antique Limestone 

Wicker chairs coloured with patterned cushions gather around a 19th Century cast-iron table. Everything sits on a floor of limestone. For shade, a wood-paneled roof covered in green.


Tiles That Tell Stories

Tiles that grab the eye and command attention can transform your space. Pick a pattern that is imaginative and quirky and temper it with classic, neutral furniture.


Green Patio 

Your little enclave in a forest. Here is where vertical space comes into play. Introduce greenery, bougainvillea, and a fireplace while keeping a sense of the contemporary with sleek furniture. 


A Vantage Point

If your patio has stunning views of beautiful scenery, your job is pretty much done. Take some lounge chairs, line them up alongside a couple of tables and some potted plants. Enjoy what was hiding in plain sight.


The Patio by the Pool

Patio floor and pool surround made of stone with an awning made out of either wood or glass. The furniture, softened with cushions, should complement the floor and your surroundings. 


Matching Furniture

Matching patio furniture instinctively instills feelings of warmth and home; it’s timeless. Whether wicker and rustic or sleek and contemporary, if it matches, it pulls in the surroundings.


A Colourful Corner

Brighten up your summer days with a little corner bursting with colour. The furniture and patterns don’t have to match. Your patio is your fresco: there’s a story behind it all; there’s order behind the wild congregation.